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Wedding Forum - Clashing colours help!!...

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    • RachelP975
      Getting married in 16 months
      Posted: Dec 19th 2019
    Hiya I’m new to this site and starting to gather ideas for our wedding.
    We want a summer wedding so I was thinking primrose yellow for bridesmaids however I have cherry red hair which will probably clash terribly!!
    Any suggestions for what colour scheme would go well overall for everyone?
    • ChristinaB25
      Getting married in 22 months
      Posted: Sep 10th 2020
    Wedding Colors – Complete Guide + Popular Palettes 2021
    Warm temperatures and sunny weather make almost any color look great, so the best colors for a summer wedding reflect all of the things we love most about this season. From light and airy blues to bold pops of pink and green, summer weddings have so many great options when it comes to wedding theme colors.
    - Marigold Yellow, Navy Blue & Slate Gray
    - Petal Pink, Cornflower Blue & Mauve Purple
    - Forest Green, White & Gold
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