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    • Itsjustkay86
      Getting married in 5 months
      Posted: Dec 3rd 2018
    I am getting married in February 2020 and I get so mad when people say it's ages away as its just over a year and that feels like its going to pass by in the blink of an eye! I am being quite organised and have my table plans already drew up that I can just amend as RSVPs come in. We got a great deal with our venue and can have 60 day guests but we can pay extra if we go over.

    Now the frustrating bit... We are over by 14 people and 11 of those are children. I don't want to spend more than I have to and we were going to put in the invitations if people want to bring their children, they may for the price of £15 which entitles their child a place, a 3 course meal and the evening buffet all included. Am i being cruel in charging people? I cant even begin to get my head around how I can put that into words on my invitations. My other issue is there is a set of twins in my family, a year older than me. Both girls. I talk to one but havent heard from the other in years. So i wanted to invite the twin i speak to, to the day time and the other to just the evening. Is this a horrible thing to do? Should i just invite the other twin to the day? I feel like i shouldn't because we barely speak but then I wonder if i invite her, will it bring us closer? (I highly doubt the latter because she promised me she would attend my engagement party then didn't show) I'm a little stuck.

    Any advice?
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Dec 20th 2018
      Ticker backgroundIs poweruserJust marriedBadgeBadgeTicker foreground
    Yes invite the girl you speak to, just because the6 were born twins does not mean they both have to be invited,

    Now the issue of charging to bring children ... honestly we were invited to a wedding but told I'd have to pay in order for children to attend I don't think I'd accept the invitation. Why not just have a child free wedding ?

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