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Wedding Forum - Ceremony- religious or civil?!?!?!...

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    • RichelleJ
      Posted: Nov 6th 2016
    Hi There, I am in need of some advice. My partner isn't religious and I am a Christian but don't want a church wedding but considering a blessing but don't know when to add this to our day or perhaps the day after, has anyone done anything similar before? if so how did it work out for you?
    • CommentAuthorMariaP483
      Posted: Nov 7th 2016
    Hi Richelle....there is a post from about a week ago similar to yours which might answer your question :-)
    • LeanneR0186
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Nov 7th 2016
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    Hi Richelle, I am similar to yourself, OH and I compromised. We are having a religious service but at our venue. Our minister has been very accommodating, we aren't having hymms or anything like that and he is delivering a 4min sermon (his precise timings lol) perhaps that is something you could look in to xx

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