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    • KimberleyC962
      Posted: Feb 1st 2016
    Hi everyone! We are thinking of getting married in Cape Town, maybe table mountain or the surrounding area. Has anyone done this? Any tips or advice would be great. Thanks!
    • StephH96
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Feb 1st 2016
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    Hi Kimberly, that sounds like an amazing idea!

    I'd start by getting wedding brochures from the main tour operators as that will give you the information you need about documents required, length of time in country needed before ceremony, legality of marriage in UK etc.
    You can then go from there and book a package ( might be easier esp if you don't have .much knowledge of the area as you get a wedding coordinator) or contact the company officiators they use and DIY it.

    I'm getting married abroad in Vegas and we are DIYing it as its pretty simple and we have been before and feel comfortable booking our travel.
    • charlllpop
      Posted: Feb 3rd 2016
    We're also having a destination wedding but in Crete, hopefully some of this should still be useful to you. I started off looking at the main tour operators and while I'm sure they are fantastic, I found that some of them had really ridiculous residency requirements (I was looking at all the Greek islands at this point) which weren't actually statutory but just made up by the operator to ensure you booked two weeks holiday with them (even more in some instances). Whereas independent wedding planners have nothing to gain by making up "extended" residency requirements. I know it's not really a huge deal as we'll be there for a fortnight anyway, I just found it a bit dishonest and as this was the first experience I'd had it left a bad taste in my mouth.

    After I decided I preferred the sound of what the independent wedding planners were offering I just spent lots of time on [email protected]!50r and various other forums and quickly found that a few names were being recommended time and time again. I asked tons of planners (and hotels) to send details of packages and had so much variety to choose from in venues and reception options. Some of the planners who at first seemed like they were catering for the more "affordable" actually didn't work out cheaper once we'd added on everything else to the package cost - 2500 EUR sounds great until you realise you'd need to at least double that to add on food and all inclusive drinks. The one we've settled on seemed much pricier than all the others at first but it really did cover everything and to a high standard, so just bear this in mind when you're looking at prices.

    We usually put our own holidays together anyway so if you are confident in doing this I'd personally recommend an independent wedding planner - things I've read and the contact I've had with people just gives me a feeling that they give a bit more of a personal service although naturally others will disagree. If you generally book your holidays with [email protected] c00k, F!r5t ch0!c3, Th0mp50n etc. you might prefer to stick with them for more of a "one-stop shop". There is of course also the option to go directly to the hotels and ask for their packages/quotes. I'm not sure how tricky the legal bit is over in S.A. and I know I would have been a bit anxious leaving that all to a hotel as it's quite complicated in Greece.

    I actually found it really interesting and exciting spending endless hours G00gl!ng, at least you know where you want to go already which should make it easier. Just look at all the forums and email every wedding planner, travel agency and hotel in the area which takes your fancy.

    • InDreamland
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Feb 3rd 2016
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    There should be a weddings abroad thread, will try find it for you x

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