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Wedding Forum - Can my wedding venue increase the price...

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    • KellyO211
      Getting married in 22 months
      Posted: Mar 21st 2021
    Hello girls and boys,
    My sister booked a wedding venue in November last year and paid an initial deposit with monthly instalments until she was due to marry in July of this year. Due to Covid-19 however she is postponing the wedding till next year however the venue have now stated she has to pay a 20% increase for the following year even though it’s the same date and for the same services.
    Can wedding venues increase their price to this extent even if the services and dates are the same and the fact that the postponement has been out of their control due to the coronavirus?
    Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated and thank you so much in advance.
    • VictoriaA25
      Got married 5 weeks ago
      Posted: Mar 22nd 2021
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    I'm not sure, they might be able to argue that Covid is not a reason to postpone a July wedding as the UK gov announced a roadmap with the goal being to remove all barriers to social contact from June 21st. Even then, I have personally had people up the prices on hotels and venue anyway. Also, my soon to be husbands friend lost thousands as their venue has gone into administration. It's awful all round but maybe just talk to the venue and see if they are increasing as they have not related it to Covid or just because their prices for next year were already higher? Alternatively, check the refund policy. I ended up cancelling my venue before due to covid and they had to return all the money except the deposit as long as you gave 90 days notice. Still lost some money but a lot less than I thought I was going to lose! I reckon your best bet is probably to scour the contract for anything related to refund or postponement maybe? Alternatively she may need to make some adjustments to reduce the cost, e.g. less people etc? My heart goes out to everyone who have lost money or had to compromise their plans. Best of luck with it!
    • ZaraS_S
      Getting married in 4 weeks
      Posted: Mar 27th 2021

    I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. I had to cancel my wedding due to Covid, and also my contract stated non refundable deposit. My venue kept pestering me constantly to reschedule my wedding date, but I just wanted my money back. I used this law firm and they recovered my full deposit back from my wedding venue, and they didn't charge me any legal fees either.

    Debt Recovery Solicitors

    0800 002 5030

    [email protected]

    I hope this helps you or anyone else in a similar situation that I was in. All the best and stay safe x
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