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    We purchased an engagement ring from *******3rn35t j0n35 on 18th June.We thought was a lovely diamond ring ,it is 18ct white gold with 1/2ct diamonds.
    My partner and I saw another ring,which we both fell in love with.So after thinking it over we decided to trade what was a week old ring towards a trade in towards this beautiful ring.He offered us just £100.00 for a ring that cost £1,500 said that was because the diamond s where very poor quality.
    We decided to see if *******3rn35t j0n35 would exchange the ring in view that the diamond s are so poor !
    I was told this wasn't possible even though it was less than 14 days,as it was classified as second hand,and a lot of time had been spent with me ect.No I could not exchange it for another item .Her parting comments " I suggest you do not come back to this shop"
    It was humiliating experience,first finding out the ring has poor quality diamonds and been band from the shop.
    I rang customers services and was told it couldn't be exchanged even though it was less than 14 days and poor quality ! They said sorry about the shop assistant,but could do Nothing !
    All I can say is I will never buy from *****3rn35t j0n35 after my terrible treatment after I had spent over £2,000 as my partner bought a piece of jewellery for himself.
    This has spoilt the experience of getting a ring to confirm our love for each other...
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      Posted: Jul 3rd 2016
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    This is another copy of a thread and will be closed. Please stop opening new threads on exactly the same thing.

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