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Wedding Forum - Can decor make or break a wedding...

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    • JessicaA882
      Getting married in 31 months
      Posted: Dec 31st 2019
    right now I am going crazy with decor as the small attention to detail is important to me.

    I rather scale down on my dress and have my environment feel like a dream. ( Yes I have already found my dream dress for £600 brand new :-) :-)

    what do you ladies think>

    I want a floral wall, a ceremony backdrop, arched photo back drop lol I want it all.

    I am saving money by getting the pcs myself and arranging to sell to a wedding planner after
    • KatieB3509
      Getting married in 3 years
      Posted: Jan 6th 2020
    For me decorations are really important. I think that every woman wants her wedding to look perfect. My wedding is in a few years so I have time..but I already look for some inspirations. I really like boho style so that is how I want my wedding to look like. I think that you should define yourself and that would be the easiest way to think about decorations. I also want to do some on my own, it would be more satisfying.
    • Itsjustkay86
      Got married 13 months ago
      Posted: Jan 17th 2020
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    I'm not big on decoration. Mostly because i really cannot stand flowers and most people decorate with flowers at a wedding. Everyone i know had/has a flower wall for their wedding so i refused to have one even though i was advised to get one. So I went a bit different and I have two blossom trees instead. They'll be used in the ceremony for me to walk through and then either side of my top table and then placed in my evening do somewhere where people can take pictures stood in between them. My bouquets are all artificial (like i said i hate flowers) and the centrepieces on my tables are mostly foliage with big vases with a candle. That's it. My focus was on the food. Every wedding i've been to, everyone always comments on the food and it can literally make or break a wedding - especially for me! My cousins got married two year apart (brother and sister) when my first cousin got married, her food was absolutely awful and really ruined the experience for me. Her brother got married two year later and his food was so out of this world i still talk about it. Nobody mentioned the decor at either of those weddings so I have took that on board and made sure food was the number one priority for my wedding :)
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