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    • DanielleG93
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Jun 8th 2016
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Hi all i'm from a little village in Cambridgeshire just wondering if any other bride/grooms are from Cambridgeshire too

    I'm getting married in 2017 and just at the beginning of planning my wedding it will be great to hear your recommendations and things on suppliers in the area.

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    Mrs Barlow to-be
    2nd September 2017

    • CommentAuthorKjs2016
      Posted: Jun 10th 2016
    Hi DanielleG93,
    I live in Hertfordshire but we are getting married in Chippenham, Cambridgeshire. I have therefore had a lot of suppliers from the area. I may be able to help with some things. Have you decided on a venue yet, will it be in Cambridgeshire?
    • MariaJ78
      Getting married in 12 months
      Posted: Aug 13th 2020
    Hi, everybody!

    I`m getting married in a few months in Cambridgeshire, too. But I`ve faced a huge problem, i can`t find good photographer for the ceremony, here.
    Can smb recommend me someone???
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