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Wedding Forum - Budget Ceremony in Seychelles?...

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    Hi all

    My partner and I are fast realising that we can't have the wedding we want in the UK and a honeymoon to an exotic destination within our means. We are unwilling to get into debt as we have a mortgage, student loans, and plan to have kids.

    We are therefore looking into getting 2 weeks in the Seychelles and having a beach wedding - just the two of us. We have saved a maximum budget of £7000, most of which we intend on spending on the holiday itself. Realistically could we have a ceremony for £500 or less?

    Apologies for any misconceptions. We are very much at a planning stage and haven't researched much. Alternatives include Mexico and Maldives.

    We love travelling and the venues we like in the U.K. are mostly above our budget, leaving no money for a honeymoon. Any advice welcome.
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