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Wedding Forum - Bridesmaids shoes help!!...

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    • Donnamc
      Posted: Mar 18th 2017
    My 2 daughters are bridesmaids there both in their early 20's totally the opposite. 1 wants to wear blinged out converse the other kitten heeled shoes ... my moh loves the converse idea. I just want them to be comfortable . Help !! Do i let them wear the shoes they want ? They are wearing long dresses
    What would you do x
    • MaxineP89
      Got married 28 months ago
      Posted: Mar 18th 2017
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    I have the same problem. I have asked them all to wear black healed shoes (height is their choice) for the wedding - with the option of them changing into something else for the evening party

    Their dresses are all deep burgundy in colour

    Looking forward to becoming the 3rd and last Mrs McLauchlan

    • Donnamc
      Posted: Mar 18th 2017
    My dresses are too ! I have warmed to the blinged out idea though .... i just want them to alll wear the same shoes and be comfortable
    • InDreamland
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Mar 19th 2017
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    If their dresses are long then noone will see their footwear anyway?

    I allowed my BMs to wear anything on their feet as long as they were black. Didn't need to match and wanted them to be comfortable and as their dresses were long it really didn't matter that they didn't match.

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    • Emily17
      Got married 29 months ago
      Posted: Mar 19th 2017
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    I would let them wear what they want to. The dresses are long so no-one will notice anyway and they will all be comfortable.

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    • Wundatigga
      Got married 31 months ago
      Posted: Mar 19th 2017
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    Definitely let them wear what they are comfortable wearing, with maybe a stipulation on colour? So all wear black etc :)

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    • Donnamc
      Posted: Mar 20th 2017
    Totally agree thanks for the comments x
    • MichelleC961
      Got married 22 months ago
      Posted: Mar 20th 2017
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    Yep agree with others comfort is key :-) blinged cons Woukd make a fab photo!

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    • CommentAuthorKatherineK78
      Posted: Mar 25th 2017
    Ny dayghters are bridesmaids to 28 and 25. I wanted leach shoes so they picked these floral satin glittery things by a famous shoe designer for £100 each! They are in love with them, i m not keen the colour is not right however they bought and can use acain and the dresses are long and actualky hey are a bit of fun in what can be a very formal occasion so im letting them! I amso saw recently a pair of 3d floral cons omg i want them!
    • Donnamc
      Posted: Apr 14th 2017
    im now dreading this, my 22 yr old daughter is insisting on high tops!!! im seriously loosing the will to live, my MOH loves the blinged out converse i found, my eldest daughter hates them . ive litterly told them to go find the shoes they want ,
    katherine you must be either mental or really love yr bm's to spend 100 on shoes, :)
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