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    • Bridetobe22
      Getting married in 12 months
      Posted: Apr 7th 2021
    Hiya gals!
    Our bridesmaid is my wife to be's cousin, I have a very good relationship with her. She doesn't really say much, she's pretty much "ill do anything for a quiet life" kinda gal and hates confrontation. She has this boyfriend, who isn't her boyfriend but is.. am I making sense here? She complained to us around 2019 that he wasn't committing to a proper relationship and they were just "seeing" each other, he kept letting her down and ignoring her when it was time to meet the parents etc but she definitely knew she wanted to ask him to marry her on valentines day, make of that what you will. Since then they have recently become "official" and we haven't met him yet (obviously due to his commitment issues and running away when its time to meet the family but also covid restrictions). We were having a chat about the wedding and life in general telling me her travel plans and that she hopes to move in with this guy by next year etc..then she comes at me with "what do you want me to do about [Bob] because I can't leave him out because I will be living with him by then, not sure if its something you have thought about". Now let me tell you this. Firstly: we are having an extremely small and intimate wedding, we have 30 guests for the ceremony and breakfast and we have an extra 5 guest coming to the evening, which we (myself and my future bride) both know personally, its basically closest family and friends! Secondly: we haven't met "Bob" yet, and although there is still time to meet him, we won't know him as well as we would like to have him come to such an intimate day, the biggest day of our lives! Thirdly: We don't want randomers in our photos, they are going to be our photos for the rest of our lives and when we look back at them in years to come we don't want to be asking who that guy is because he's no longer involved in this girls life and we have forgot about him. Fourthly: Budget just will not allow a total stranger to come to our big day. I would get it if they had been together for 2/3 years, but they have been together for 5 minutes.

    Am I being a complete bridezilla? How would you handle this situation?

    Thanks for reading, and if you made is this far, well done!

    Love an extremely stressed bride x
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