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Wedding Forum - Bridesmaid disaster...

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    • DanielleG7752
      Getting married in 4 weeks
      Posted: Jul 3rd 2020
    I’m just looking for some tips on the best way to deal with the current bridesmaid disaster I have found myself in. I was due to get married in April this year but due to COVID the wedding was postponed a year. However about 18 months ago I started noticing that I don’t really have a friendship with one of my bridesmaids anymore. I don’t hear from her unless I message her and she makes no effort to meet up etc. There’s been a few problems throughout the planning with her which I have let slip. Because the wedding was getting closer I didn’t have the heart to let her go. But now the wedding is postponed I have another 9 months and I just don’t see her as a close friend anymore. The only minor problem is her boyfriend is the best man. So I’m worried if I politely drop her from the role of bridesmaid that her boyfriend will drop out too and this will cause loads more problems than just sticking with her as bridesmaid. But the thought of having her on all my wedding photos when we’re not really close anymore doesn’t make sense to me. To me a bridesmaid is someone you think is gona be in your life forever and at the time I asked her I did but a lot has happened since. How do I approach this subject? Do I put my foot down and tell her the truth or do I just carry on as normal and have her as a bridesmaid? HELP!
    • MetalliCat
      Getting married in 18 months
      Posted: Jul 4th 2020
    I'm assuming that her partner is the best man for a reason - as he has a long-standing and strong friendship with the groom.
    Your decision on bridesmaids is yours, no-one elses. It should not affect the best man being best man if you drop his girlfriend as a bridesmaid, if they are adult about it.
    She can't complain if she doesn't show an interest in helping you. Might be worth a chat on neutral ground before you take any action in case there is an underlying reason behind her behaviour, or lack of involvement.
    Remember, you need people you can rely on and trust - if she does not fill you with confidence then you know what you need to do.
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