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    • SarahH8053
      Getting married in 7 months
      Posted: Sep 28th 2021
    So.. any advice would be HUGELY appreciated.

    I have chosen my bridesmaids/flower girls: my sister (Maid of Honour), my fiancé’s daughter and his nieces. Originally, I only wanted my sister and fiancé’s daughter. But, knowing his brother and brother’s partner, if I didn’t have their children as flower girls, then we would be bad mouthed to the rest of the family. So, we stretched the budget, and said that we would have them included too. Problem solved. But.. no.

    My fiancé’s brother’s partner had pulled me aside, and told me she can’t wait to plan my hen, and wants to buy her own bridesmaid dress, EVEN THOUGH SHE KNOWS THAT I HAVE ALREADY ANNOUNCED MY BRIDESMAIDS/FLOWER GIRLS. I laughed it off, but she has mentioned it AGAIN since then. We get along ok.. have had some arguments in the past, but I simply do not want her as a bridesmaid. My mum does not like her, and she’s overpowering. My fiancé claims she has a fear of missing out. I really don’t know how to approach this subject without being blunt. However, if I was blunt with her, she would make things VERY difficult. Please help!
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