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    • Stephie
      CommentAuthorStephieGetting married in 10 months
      CommentTimeDec 11th 2018
    Hello lovely people,

    My future husband to be has no intention of doing a groom's speech, as it makes him very anxious. This is fine and we're still having speeches from the best man etc. However id like to make a speech. I know this is not traditional.

    Are there any brides on here doing a speech or have been to a wedding and heard a bride do a speech? Any tips, advice, phrases I could use??

    Many thanks all xx
    • RachaelT90
      CommentAuthorRachaelT90Getting married in 15 months
      CommentTimeDec 12th 2018
    I'm also planning on breaking tradition and making a speech. I want to take the opportunity to thank my family and bridesmaids for their support and also for everyone for being there. Will also have an anecdote or two about me and H2B as well. But it's totally up to you what to say – it is your day after all and I don't think it is too unusual for brides to make speeches these days!

    Boyfriend – 7th March 2017
    Fiancé – 3rd November 2018
    Husband – 24th May 2020
    • Loubie1986
      CommentAuthorLoubie1986Getting married in 18 months
      CommentTimeJan 8th 2019
    I am also planning on doing a little speech at our wedding. Just to say thankyou to our bridesmaids and so on
    • BethW448
      CommentAuthorBethW448Getting married in 1 month
      CommentTime7 days ago
    This will be your big day and it is totally up to you how you do things. I'll be getting married in March and we're doing things a little differently. If that is what suits you and your partner, then you do it and enjoy doing it! My daughter is walking me down the aisle, and my Dad is totally happy with this. My Mum and Dad are sharing the 'Father of the Bride' speech. My future father in law has asked not to do one, anxiety is an issue for him too. What is important to me is that everyone feels relaxed and enjoys the day and is not under pressure to do what is 'traditional'. Best wishes xxx
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