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Wedding Forum - Booking/view a venue before being engaged?...

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    • KayleeM62
      Getting married in 29 months
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2020
    hi everyone, me and my boyfriend were meant to be going to America in December this year but has been cancelled due to covid, he was planning to propose whilst we was there which now he isn't doing as were not going. He's thinking a back up plan as wants to make it special when he asks and a suprise again. Were wanting to get married in 2023, and two places we like the look of are already taking bookings for 2023, so my question is, is it OK to view and potentially book a venue before being officially engaged to ensure you get the venue and date you want? Or is it bad luck or just something shouldn't do?
    I know he is going to propose as I know he has the ring as we had to get it specially ordered due to my ring finger size. He said he's happy to look and potentially book. But not sure if its normal to do this? Has anyone done this before? I think pre covid I wouldn't do it but more and more weddings are being postponed I don't want to loose out on a venue? Any advice? Thanks guys
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