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Wedding Forum - Advice for Venue issues please...

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    • Mrs AW 2019
      CommentAuthorMrs AW 2019
      Got married 19 months ago
      Posted: Jan 5th 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge

    Our wedding is booked for July 13th this year, and we booked a lovely country village hall for our wedding reception, mainly because we are short on funds so thought we would have a nice DIY wedding in a pretty location.
    However now we are now having problems because although this venue stated that they seat 100 guests, we've now found that they barely have enough tables to seat 70- this is a big problem.
    On top of this we were meant to be having the venue all day on the Friday to set up. We were advised that the local school would be using the field outside fo their sports day, but they would not be entering the building so it would not affect us setting up.
    Now however they have realised that the school will actually be using the venue for their lunch. They've said they will be out by 13:30, so we can come to set up at 14:00.
    My worry though is that I don't think they will be able to clear up an entire field, clean the hall and all the toilets etc after having a whole school full of children there in half an hour.

    I have decided to look for another venue, as this is stressing me out beyond words. Problem is though that the only other venue we can find that will let us bring our own caterer and isn't hideously expensive has their own bar, which means we need to forfeit our deposit with the mobile bar company we've hired for the village hall, not to mention the deposit for securing the hall itself.

    SO my question is- would you just bite the bullet with the original venue and try to find a way of getting extra tables and pray that the sports day doesn't cause carnage, or forfeit £350 and move to a slightly more expensive (but theoretically stress free, as they set everything up for you) venue?

    Sorry for the essay! Thanks for reading and hopefully some of you can give me a bit of advice!

    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Jan 6th 2019
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    Why do they need to clean fieldtoilets etc in half an hour ..... as long as you have access to the hall to do what you need,it's the school or venues responsibility to clean everyth8ng else which can be done along side you putting up your decorations.
    As to the tables,8 would contact them , state what you were originally to,d ( do you have that in writing ) and then explain what yo7 now know... it would be up to them to provide extra tables

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