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    • Kx0
      Got married 30 months ago
      Posted: Apr 10th 2018
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    Hi everyone
    • InDreamland
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Apr 15th 2018
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    what's your question?

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    Married the love of my life on Saturday 11th May 2013 xxx
    Had our dream perfect honeymoon in Hawaii!

    • KennyM38
      Got married 18 months ago
      Posted: Aug 10th 2018
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    we are having adults only apart from brothers and sisters kids and 2 that are flower girl and paige boy.
    If you invite someone and they have kids it is then their choice whether to come or not it is YOUR day if you dont want them running around or screaming thats your choice, surely they can get a babysitter/family to look after them for 1 day/night.
    DONT feel pressured to invite them as it will just snowball and people will be annoyed that their kids didnt come when others did.
    Others may feel different but thats my take on it.
    • Kimmie89
      Got married 17 months ago
      Posted: Aug 10th 2018
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    We're having an adult-only wedding and have been upfront with our friends who have kids that we want them to also be able to enjoy our special day, without worrying about their kids or bedtimes etc. One couple were so relieved and have already told the grandparents they'll be babysitting!

    As said above, it's your day so you have to go with what you want. If they feel they can't attend without their kids, honestly that's their decision and not for you to worry about.

    We were at a wedding a few weeks ago where a little boy made noise throughout the ceremony and reception. I'd hate that to happen at mine!
    • LisaC205
      Getting married in 5 months
      Posted: Aug 25th 2018
    We're only having the bridal party children during the day but in the evening other children will be invited. I was worried about my Chief Bridesmaids thoughts but she said she can have a night off lol
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