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    • disneytinkerbell
      Posted: Jul 14th 2020
    I don't normally do this. I tried to write a bad review on their Facebook page but because it wasn't a good review they wouldn't allow the post.
    I attended the Nec wedding show and came across the 2 Have and 2 hold bridal shop from kidderminster.
    They were very helpful and had lovely dresses so I paid a deposit for 2 dresses that I liked this held the show prices which was 20%off.

    I visited the shop a few weeks later and selected between the 2. On the way home I felt I made the wrong decision so phoned them straight away and said how I felt, and would it be ok to come again nearer the time and then select which they were happy for me to do.

    From then on the customer service has been poor.
    I have been to 4 other bridal and have had lovely experiences just never quite found the dress.

    I have visited 2 have and 2 hold on a couple of occasions neither time we had been offered a drink of any kind. They asked questions about my wedding and considering I have visted the shop 3 times and saw them at Nec they have never once remembered where I was getting married. Little small details I think ar every important. Even a little note on the customers booking.

    We traveled to the shop 6 months later to make my decision and pay 50% so they could order my dress and there was an accessories event on. I tried on a headband and wasn't so sure how i was going to have my hair so was going to leave it until a later date. For the gentleman to say "Look in the mirror you need something you look very plain". I found this very offensive. Lucky I have manners and I brush the rude comment off. 

    I selected my dress and they had said it had gone up by £200 "the designer put it up" which conventley was the same reduction price they offered at the show. 

    I said I am sorry but I fixed the price at the show. I felt this was very underhand. And I just wonder how many other brides they have tried this on.
    It took me saying that I wanted a full refund of my deposit as they didn't keep to the agreement for them to agree I didn't have to pay the additional cost they tried to add on.

    Even on colection of my dress a happy day even after the issues we had i was nervous going on my own so had a family member come with me. I was excited but the gentleman could hardly muster up a smile. 
    I asked if I could pay cash and he said "you can pay me how you want I've been closed for 3 months"
    Again everything was with attitude.

    I just found the man incredibly.

    He spoilt my whole dress experience and I just want to warn other brides because they were so nice to me at the Nec but as soon as they had my business that was it.

    I would not recommend this shop. It should have been a lovely experience and I wish I had looked up the designer and found another shop that had my dress. 
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