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Wedding Cakes & Favours in Haverfordwest

Covering Boulston, Brawdy, Brimaston, Broad Haven, Broadway, Camrose, Clegyr-Boia, Crundale, Cuffern, Cuttybridge, Dreenhill, Druidston, Freystrop, Haroldston West, Hayscastle, Hayscastle Cross, Haysford, Hillblock, Hook, Hwlffordd, Keeston, Lambston, Landshipping, Leweston, Little Haven, Little Milford, Llandruidion, Lochvane, Lower Freystrop, Merlin's Bridge, Middle Hill, Millin Cross, Newgale, Nine Wells, Nolton, Nolton Haven, Pelcomb, Pelcomb Bridge, Pelcomb Cross, Penycwm, Pope Hill, Poyston Cross, Rhosson, Rhydygele, Roch, Rudbaxton, Simpson Cross, Skerryford, Slade, Slebech, Solfach, St Davids, Sutton, The Rhos, Trefgarn Owen, Trelerw, Trevinert, Trooper's Inn, Uzmaston, Vachelich, Walton West, Whitchurch, Wolfsdale and Wood

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