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Large bar set up

Setting up the large bar to cater for 100-150 guests

Westminster College

Nothe Fort Weymouth Cannons

The Nothe Fort Artillery cannon firing, every other Sunday at the Nothe Fort Weymouth

Nothe Fort Drone Video

Simon Ludgate FRSA CAA Drone Pilot Producer/Director "Ghost Next Door"

Coming to Accrington Town Hall in 2019

A Sneak peek of the final part of our £1.5million investment in Accrington Town Hall, which will see it undergo a dramatic transformation: an all-new refurbished reception, function room and ceremony room will be completed in January 2019.

The Auction House timelapse video

The Auction House being set up for a themed Christmas party (The Magic of Narnia) for 600 guests. Video produced by Kam Assi of Abraxas Photography Magic of Narnia theming by DJ & lighting by Gavin Thorogood of

The Auction House

A short introduction to the The Auction House

Cooking at The Auction House

A cooking lesson from our Head Chef at The Auction House

Stuart Millership

Our Big Day on Film

Weddings at the Macdonald Marine Hotel & Spa

This video shows you what a wedding at the Macdonald Marine Hotel & Spa can entail, with our coastal stunning views, it will be a day you and your family will not forget.

Hurlston Hall Weddings

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