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My best piece of advice for booking a wedding photographer

Hey Guys This is follow up to yesterday with another piece of advice when booking your wedding photography. Whilst we are stuck at home Ill be sharing little tips that may help you out when making plans for your big day. Hope it helps.

Advice for Bride And Grooms Right Now

Hi All just a little advice that with the way the world is now, weddings are getting re schedlued. 2020 weddings are getting moved and at the same time 2021 weddings are being booked so please be careful as you may not get the venue or the date you want.

Introduction To My Approach To Wedding Photography

This video hopefully gives you a little more information about me to help you get a better understanding on my approach to wedding photography, Im always at the end of the phone should you wish to have a chat, remember a couple of things, make sure you get on with your photographer as relationships and being comfortable around the camera are so important, your photos will be so much more amazing if you get this bit right.