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Catering / Mobile Bars Tips

It is your day so choose what you want

Send you a message on the run up to your big day, to let you know everything is ok. Sometimes bookings can be up to 12mths in advance, so we always give you a call close to you big day.

Let us do all the hard work

When thinking about signature cocktails for your events, the classics are always a good option, our fresh fruit and garnishes add a lovely twist to these.

Enjoy yourselves! You have spent months planning your special day so make sure you enjoy it - eat the canapes, drink the cocktails and dance the night away!

Try not to worry about all of your guests. It's your big day so the most important thing is to get what you want!

Remember - we are here to help and ensure that your day runs smoothly so RELAX and ENJOY

You don't have to go all formal, why not try sharing platters, more and more people have gone for this approach this season

Don't try to make everyone happy! Don't worry :) Put your smile on your face and Enjoy your special day! :))))

Choose vendors that will make your special day funnier and happier than ever!!!

Dont commit too quickly, try a number of suppliers before you commit.

Don't fancy a starter? why not increase the canapes and go straight to main! this can be cheaper and offers more variety on flavours.

Don’t get too hung up with what you like to eat. It’s your day and you need to like the food you’ve ordered but often the bride and groom don’t remember eating on the day.

Don’t be afraid to be creative. You want your wedding day to reflect you, so whether you want a buffet, BBQ or bowl food, talk to your caterers about what your options are.

Sending a message on the run up to the big day, letting you know everything is ok. Sometimes bookings can be up to 12mths in advance, so we always give you a call closer to the big day.

Ask your caterer to be clear on what they provide and will do for you. It may seem obvious, but for piece of mind do make sure you know what will be provided for you and what you need to arrange.

Creative and inspired team, we look at new and delicious ,diverse and exciting ways to deliver the best food around ot suit all type of weddings.

It's your first meal together as husband and wife. Take the opportunity to think about your favourite foods, favourite experiences together and make sure it's a menu that you'll enjoy

Enjoy the process and take it all in!

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