UKbride Member Request 13 Aug 2017

I booked my makeup trial months ago for 10am, had an email a few days ago...

I booked my makeup trial months ago for 10am, had an email a few days ago asking to move it to 12 as she had taken another bridal booking for the morning. I was annoyed and stated that I had specifically booked 10am and have a bridesmaid who has to get away on holiday based on the 10am booking. She came back to me asking for 11am saying she could get my bridesmaid done in time. I agreed, but asked for the £20 travel expenses to be waived as I had changed my booking. I got an email back basically saying no! Annoyed and frustrated, I have to incur changes, but if I was to change my booking I would be held to cancellation charges. Am I right to be annoyed?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 13 Aug 2017

Hi you have every right to be annoyed as you booked first you should have been consulted sooner :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 13 Aug 2017

You definitely have every reason to be annoyed. If she lets you down now what about on the wedding day? If you have paid a deposit I would be inclined to ask for it back and find someone else.

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 13 Aug 2017

Yes i would be annoyed too. Have you paid a deposit? If so then she has to uphold the original time as the deposit paid acts like a contract between the 2 of you. X

E Wilson
E Wilson 13 Aug 2017

You booked first. considering you are having problems with just the trial, you should think about this happening on your big day. Is this person reliable?

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 13 Aug 2017

I would definitely be annoyed in that situation x

Noreen McHugh
Noreen McHugh 13 Aug 2017

I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say does it really matter if it has to be moved at the trial ? You don't know if you booked before the other bride and her wedding may be sooner than yours ,a little give and take , you have to remember you aren't the only bride getting married and sometimes makeup artists have to move and change appiontments , Its not as if its your wedding day it's a trial so try and calm down ,I'm sure on your wedding day when she only has to deal with one bride instead of juggling 20 at trials she will be spot on , I'm sure you have more pressing things to worry about instead of a trail being moved an hour .I promised after watching all those Wedding Programs I would never turn into a Bridezilla I would be embarrassed if people seen me act that way , Things Happen people make mistakes , give her the benefit of doubt and enjoy ur trail , don't make a big thing out of 1 hour!

Cath Evans
Cath Evans 14 Aug 2017

if its a trial i would just drop it... although keep it in mind for the actual day and emphasize to her that the time you book her for the wedding is non negotiable... and that really it was unprofessional of her to change the time of your appointment... (how much notice did she give??) as if it is more than 3 weeks and a trial i don't think you can complain really xx


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