UKbride Member Request 12 Aug 2017

To keep cost down me and my partner want to get married late afternoon and...

To keep cost down me and my partner want to get married late afternoon and skip having a wedding breakfast and just have a cheese and meats buffet at the evening do, has anyone else done this? What's your thoughts, Does it go down ok with guests?

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 12 Aug 2017

Cheese and meats buffet sounds good to me. I think it is important to do what suits your budget and to be honest I think people can go overboard with food and a lot of it gets wasted. Enjoy your planning.

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 12 Aug 2017

I think it sounds a lovely idea. It's about what you and your partner want as it's your day, I'm sure your guests will just be happy being there and with whatever you do x

Lisa Davey
Lisa Davey 12 Aug 2017

i love this idea, cheese and meat buffet sounds perfect too, we arent really having a wedding dreakfast either we are having a quiet meal with the few guests at crantock, guests are paying for themselves and we are paying for ourselves, they can order what they want then. we are having a party when we get home which will have a buffet but thats it, its your day do what makes you happy x

Katie Anscombe
Katie Anscombe 12 Aug 2017

This is what we're doing! I was thinking just buffet, tho my mum is trying to say we need something more substantial if no 'proper meal'. Like others have said, its your day, if that's how you want things then that's great ☺

Tara Fitzpatrick
Tara Fitzpatrick 12 Aug 2017

A lot of venues now do 'twilight weddings' where you have the wedding later on in the day and have buffet instead of sit down meal. If you have your wedding later people probably won't want a massive meal as they will have eaten before!

Emily Vincent
Emily V 16 Aug 2017

I considered this but I didn't like the idea of spending most of my wedding day without my OH. We are getting married at 1pm now.


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