UKbride Member Request 10 Aug 2017

Cheaper ways of catering please?!

Cheaper ways of catering please?!

E Wilson
E Wilson 10 Aug 2017

A hog roast or bbq

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 10 Aug 2017

Hi A buffet :)

Sophia Arrowsmith
Sophia Arrowsmith 10 Aug 2017

Pull the family together and do it yourselves! £10 a head on average for a buffet.. £1000 for 100 thanks 😂 can do it A LOT cheaper if you do it yourselves xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 12 Aug 2017

The cheapest would be pot luck where each guest brings something, would be really nice at a very relaxed wedding. You could also shorten your day so you only eat once, we're doing that, morning ceremony, afternoon reception so we'll just have lunch with people. And it will be afternoon tea rather than a three course meal so much cheaper. You could get married late afternoon and just have an early evening buffet if you want to keep the evening atmosphere


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