UKbride Member Request 7 Aug 2017

DJ, Band or both? Spoke to a potential DJ who told me that at the venue...

DJ, Band or both? Spoke to a potential DJ who told me that at the venue we have booked it is 'hard to get people on the dancefloor because the bar is in a different room'. I disagreed with this comment as we are a young couple and our family and friends love to dance! Truthfully, I also believe that it depends on the DJ and what songs they play. Now I have thought about it and realised that I don't want the dance floor to be empty. Would a band at the beginning of the evening followed by the DJ be better? No entertainment has been booked yet as we will not be getting married until October 2019. However hope to sort it out soon.

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 7 Aug 2017

Personally I can not see the point in having a band followed by a DJ and I would be also thinking of the extra cost. I would choose either the band or the DJ. I'm giving my DJ a play list x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Aug 2017

Hi we haven't booked any entertainment as yet :)

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Aug 2017

We have both a band and a DJ, bands usually only do a couple of hours so the DJ can fill in the rest of the time. I disagree with the comment that it's pointless, it's up to you. Our band is great and will get everyone up dancing, later on the DJ can fill in and by then everyone would have had a few drinks. At the end of the day it's up to you but I don't see why you couldn't have both :)

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 7 Aug 2017

We are planning on a singer for first couple of hours then dj after. The dj is in with the package at the venue and they will be given a list of songs they are absolutely not to play! X

Maria Bjorn
Maria Bjorn 7 Aug 2017

I've just been to a wedding where the bar was in a separate area. Didn't affect the dance floor at all, people just popped in and out for fresh air / drinks and went back to dance. 😊

Helen Clegg
Helen Clegg 7 Aug 2017

Hi, most of the bands I've been speaking to for our 2019 wedding offer a DJ service as part of the package - the band will play for two hours followed by a DJ for the rest of the evening. Our bar is in a seperate area also but I really don't think it will matter, as another lady has already said, after a few drinks everybody will be up on the dance floor 👰🏻

Amy B
Amy B 8 Aug 2017

I think Georgina has a good point, try to find a band that will do a DJ set, that will really help. I don't think the bar being in a different room will really make a difference as a lot of people sit at the tables, I went to a wedding with a bar in the other room and loads were always on the dance floor x

Kerrie Chandler
Kerrie Chandler 11 Aug 2017

We got married last week and our bar was in a different room. Didn't matter at all people went for drinks when they wanted and came back to the dance floor with them to carry on dancing. A band vs a DJ is more of a personal preference choice really! If you decide to go with a DJ maybe look into somebody else who's a bit more optimistic? Xx

Donna-Kate Wilson
Donna-Kate Wilson 27 Aug 2017

I'm in a wedding functions band and we come with dedicated dj. From experience the band works best form the first dance onwards. We normally sing father daughter dance, first dance then the first set then stop whilst the buffet is on then sing again later x we tend to do two relatively long sets then the dj fills in. We ALLWAYS insist on meeting the couples so that the music is personal to them and learn accordingly xx having the bar in a separate area can be problematic. Some venues will put up a 'pop up' bar or some bars make sure there isn't much seating in the bar area. To be honest though part of our job is to make sure people dance and have fun so any good band should do that. Make sure your band offers a dj service and not an iPod plugged in!


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