Rachel Cowell
Rachel Smith 27 Jul 2017

Hi can I have a request please? My question is: I have chosen my wedding...

Hi can I have a request please? My question is: I have chosen my wedding dress and put a deposit down on it and they dont start making the dress until they've received half of the money. I don't get married until August 2019 and I'm having second thoughts on the dress I've chosen as I have now realised it won't go with my theme! Has anyone been in this situation? And were you allowed to go back and try other dresses and change? Thanks

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 27 Jul 2017

Hi go back to the if they don't start making the dress until half is paid then you should be able to try on other dresses and change your mind. Go back as soon as you can :)

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 27 Jul 2017

This happened to me, I could change the dress but not get a refund on the deposit paid if I went to another shop x

Amy B
Amy B 28 Jul 2017

I would speak to the shop, if you've not paid enough to get the other dress into "production" then they might be able to use your deposit as a deposit on another dress, but its worth a chat with them x

Rachel Cowell
Rachel Smith 12 Aug 2017

Thankyou guys :)


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