UKbride Member Request 22 Jul 2017

Getting drunk on the wedding day what are people's thoughts? I never drink...

Getting drunk on the wedding day what are people's thoughts? I never drink for so long so I'm really worried about being drunk. I don't want to not remember the whole time as it's such a special day

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 22 Jul 2017

I'm limiting my intake, if I decide to drink at all because I want to remember my day.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 22 Jul 2017

Hi I am not a big drinker so definitely won't be getting drunk :)

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 22 Jul 2017

I'm thinking I probably won't drink that much in the evening as will be dancing, catching up with people etc. I'm also thinking of telling the venue not to let anyone by us shots etc. Neither me or my H2B drink them so really don't want them shoved on me and I feel I have to x

Alison Jarvis
Alison Jarvis 23 Jul 2017

If you swap out every second or third drink for a non alcoholic beverage it will keep you hydrated it also dilutes the alcohol in the bloodstream and slows the effects also make sure you eat something to absorb the alcohol

Donna Chiles
Donna Chiles 23 Jul 2017

have a glass of water inbetween drinks that will keep you hydrated, thats what ill be doing, plus we have to be up early the next day for our honeymoon x

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 23 Jul 2017

We are big drinkers but my man doesn't work when he's had lots to drink so I'm limiting his intake as I told him I'm divorcing him if I don't get a wedding night


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