UKbride Member Request 12 Jul 2017

Hello brides. What present are you planning to give your maid of honour? Is...

Hello brides. What present are you planning to give your maid of honour? Is it even expected? Thank you. :-)

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 12 Jul 2017

Something personalised but I'm not quite sure what yet x

Hayley Cox
Hayley Cox 12 Jul 2017

My maid of honour is having a personalised mirror. Personalised champagne glass and a bottle of her fav wine.. she's also doing our makeup for my wedding so I'm buying her new makeup xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 12 Jul 2017

Hi I haven't got a maid of honour I only have 1 bridesmaid, we haven't decided what to buy yet :)

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 12 Jul 2017

I'm going to make up boxes for my MOH and bridesmaids, earrings, personalised champagne flutes (look up handmade by Helen on Facebook) and then some other bits I've not thought of yet x

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 12 Jul 2017

I am giving my moh a pearl bracelet with an engraved initial heart charm

Zoe Aldrich
Zoe Aldrich 13 Jul 2017

I'm going to be making all my bridal party gift boxes with their fav gifts for each of them as a thank you! x

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 13 Jul 2017

I'm just getting same as my bridesmaids

Tiffany Boot
Tiffany Boot 16 Jul 2017

My MOH and bridesmaids are getting a personalised glitter champagne flute, slippers, dressing gown, shoes and a small bottle of wine. My MOH is also getting a little something extra just not sure what yet. x

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 21 Jul 2017

I have brought her a paris themed necklace as she loves the city.


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