Gemma Paxton
Gemma Paxton 5 Jul 2017

Do I invite the people my mother in law to be wants and make the wedding...

Do I invite the people my mother in law to be wants and make the wedding bigger than I want to keep the peace or do I stick to what we want and keep it small

Katie Hart
Katie Hart 5 Jul 2017

The wedding is a day for you and your H2B, if a larger ceremony is not what you want, don't give in to her wants! My mother in law to be is estranged from my partner now, but at the time we were beginning to plan, she was really controlling. My partner was more than happy to go with what I wanted as it's our day. You don't want anything that's going to make you uncomfortable!

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 5 Jul 2017

Stick with what you want. It is your day not hers. My Mum wanted me to invite a load of people I had never met until I sat her down and explained that it wasnt up to her and we wanted a small number of select people only x

Diana Popescu
Diana Popescu 5 Jul 2017

I'm in a similar situation, but happy with it. My MIL is going to invite loads of relatives and I know they'll be happy to come and see us. I think it's only going to make the day better.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 5 Jul 2017

Hi Gemma stick to your guns my FML tried the same thing we told her no she didn't like it but had to accept it :)

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 5 Jul 2017

I would probably compromise and say she can invite a couple of guests, but only if they are contributing towards the day

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 5 Jul 2017

It's about what and who you want there. X

Chelsey French
Chelsey French 5 Jul 2017

my rule is if I haven't met you and there was opportunity (as in they don't live very far away or similar) Then you aren't invited. If you are from my Mother in Law's side and I've met you but we never see you and you haven't congratulated us- then you aren't invited! xx

Samantha Howells
Samantha Howells 5 Jul 2017

I'm having the same issue. I've stuck to my guns and we are only having who we want


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