Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 29 Jun 2017

Hi, we are viewing our top 2 venue choices this weekend. Both are very...

Hi, we are viewing our top 2 venue choices this weekend. Both are very different in price ranges. What have people successfully haggled price wise? And any tips for getting the price down or getting extras?xx

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 29 Jun 2017

Having your wedding out of season or on a weekday will help knock the price down. You can always say well its a little out of our price range but it is wonderful is there anything you can do help us. See how receptive they are to helping you get it for the price you want x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 29 Jun 2017

Hi take a notepad with you and ask as many questions as possible, even throw 1-2 cheeky queries you never know good luck :)

Jane Holliman
Jane Holliman 29 Jun 2017

I haven't chosen ours yet - I'm still looking at millions of sites! Have you any suggestions of good places to start? But having worked in events - my suggestion re haggling is be honest - say you love the venue but can they either give you a small discount or chuck something else (not riduclous) in to help sway you towards them. Most venues, if you speak directly have a certain wiggle room so can offer discretionary incentives. xxx


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