Heather Hawkins
Heather Hawkins 25 Jun 2017

I need reassurance. .. I'm having the worst time finding a wedding ring. I...

I need reassurance. .. I'm having the worst time finding a wedding ring. I want a thick one about 5-6mm. My engagement ring is silver and yellow gold and want to match it. I've tried a few on and I just don't love it. Should it be the same as the dress feeling or is a ok it will do the kinda response...am I being awkward or is this normal xxx tia xx

Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee 25 Jun 2017

Find a local jewellers and design it with them. You'll find it's probably cheaper than the ones in the shops. You're wearing it for life hopefully so be as picky with it as you wish xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 26 Jun 2017

Hi you should really like your ring as you will be wearing it for many years you wouldn't buy a dress if you didn't like it would you ? :)

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 26 Jun 2017

You are not being awkward, I am the same and have just found a ring I love from Smooch. They will come to your house with some designs which you can change to make them your own. There are a few other companies that do the same thing so I would try that x

Cath Evans
Cath Evans 26 Jun 2017

Not awkward at all... you have to ware it for the rest of your life!! 😊😊

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 26 Jun 2017

I think you should love your wedding ring, can you find a jeweller that will make one to your design?

Heather Hawkins
Heather Hawkins 27 Jun 2017

Thank you xx


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