Laura Thomson
Laura Thomson 7 Jun 2017

Colour schemes.... What's everyone's chosen colours x

Colour schemes.... What's everyone's chosen colours x

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 7 Jun 2017

White, silver/grey and a light/muted blue :)

Dulcie Avery
Dulcie Avery 7 Jun 2017

Navy blue and baby pink x

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 7 Jun 2017

Royal Blue, Ivory and Gold

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 7 Jun 2017

Pale, blush pinks with sage and a touch of gold

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 8 Jun 2017

silver and white

Becky Briggs
Becky Briggs 10 Jun 2017

Dusky lilac/grey

UKbride Member 10 Jun 2017

navy blue and bronze, dark green and silver, burgundy and gold also yellow and black as I'm having a Harry Potter themed wedding.

Alexandra Martin-Bennett
Alexandra Martin-Bennett 11 Jun 2017

My main colours are Red & Ivory, but we are going to incorporate blue & purple. X

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 12 Jun 2017

I'm not having a colour scheme, too formal for me! GoIng to be a mixture of everything I like

Laura Thomson
Laura Thomson 14 Jun 2017

Lovely colour selections ladies! Im totally stuck for colours i love the dark blue however two of my close friends whom are married had dark blue in their weddings 😂🙊🙉🙈 x


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