UKbride Member Request 6 Jun 2017

How has everyone found this site?

How has everyone found this site?

Kirsty Powell
Kirsty Powell 6 Jun 2017

Yes I have found it safe and very useful x

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 6 Jun 2017

I think it's really useful x

Amy B
Amy B 7 Jun 2017

I like it, you get many ideas and suggestions from others that you may not of even heard of!

Angie Norris
Angie Norris 7 Jun 2017

agree, things pop up that i havent even thought about .

Lisa Brooks
Lisa Brooks 7 Jun 2017

i found it very useful especially being able to ask question in the forum

Ceilidh Baird
Ceilidh Baird 8 Jun 2017

I like the fact that everyone is in the same boat and willing to share advice and opinions :) it's good to have support!!


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