Clare Roberts
Clare Roberts 5 Jun 2017

How on earth do I cut my guest list? I have so many first cousins, most of I...

How on earth do I cut my guest list? I have so many first cousins, most of I am close to and would want at my wedding, others not so close? I feel I have to sacrifice close friends in order to invite family because I have to!

Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller 6 Jun 2017

This is a difficult one. As awful as it sounds you may have to prioritise those people that you cannot do without. Or not having plus ones.

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 6 Jun 2017

It is a difficult thing to do especially when you have a close family. The best way to start would be to see how many close friends you have and maybe add plus ones to the evening rather than the day.

UKbride Member 6 Jun 2017

Dont! Wait till you get some replies back not everyone will go. I am verbally inciting now as sime friends and family have dropped out. I can have people there i actually want now!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 6 Jun 2017

Hi this is a common problem just invite some to the wedding and the others to the evening if you are having a through day occasion good luck :)

Louise Taylor
Louise Taylor 6 Jun 2017

I have cut out all plus ones, if you're not that close to certain cousins then give them an evening invite, it's a difficult one but why would they expect a daytime invite if they don't bother with you daily? That's what I've had to tell myself.

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 6 Jun 2017

This is a tough one and I myself am also having the same sort of problem as I have a big family (62 guests out of the maximum of the 110 day guests we can have). Out of personal experience I would be careful about inviting some of your first cousins to the whole day and not others! It is generally good ethics to make sure those that fall under the same group of people (e.g uncles, aunts, first cousins, etc) are all treated the same I.e if you are inviting some cousins to the whole day you should really invite the rest to the same thing. My cousin invited only one uncle to his wedding and not the other two uncles and this caused a huge rift in our family which still hasn't fully recovered 3 years on! Depending on what your family is like some people can get very offended, so be careful! To cut down our guest list we have said that plus ones for cousins and friends (with the exception for those who are married) are not invited to the day, but are invited to the evening. By doing this we have only just about managed to squeeze in the friends we feel have to absolutely be there, the rest we would like to invite to the day will have to be evening only as I know not inviting someone in my family for the whole day is a big no no! Ultimately it is up to you to decide who is invited to what, just be mindful. Good luck :)

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 7 Jun 2017

Invite who you would like, it's your wedding x

UKbride Member 7 Jun 2017

Just had another rejection that 4 more off the list!! Dont cut it yet!


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