UKbride Member Request 4 Jun 2017

Hi there everyone in not a girly girl and I'm worried I'm not going to like...

Hi there everyone in not a girly girl and I'm worried I'm not going to like any dresses.... also my partner has said he wants me to wear something that hugs my bum and boobs anyone have any ideas or info that could share with me xxx thanks

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 5 Jun 2017

I would suggest just going to a shop and try on on one of every style to get an idea of what you like and feel comfortable in. I am sure your partner will love you in whatever you choose especially if you are comfortable in it. Good luck x

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 5 Jun 2017

I agree, go to a boutique and try loads of different styles on - I am sure you will find a dress both you and your partner will love.

Jayne Timmins
Jayne Timmins 6 Jun 2017

Go and try on different styles, you should find what you are most comfortable in then

UKbride Member 7 Jun 2017

Sounds like a mermaid style for you then or what about a wide legged jumpsuit with a lace cape over? Theres loads of different but still feminine stuff out there.

Carla Williams
Carla Paxton 9 Jun 2017

I was the same, I went to a local bridal shop on Saturday and I was surprised! I tried on all the different styles I could! I fell in love with one and walked out with a deposit on a wedding dress :D I thought I would love a fitted dress but it didn't do anything for me, so I tried on a A-line which hugged into my waist and came out beautifully (not to big) its plain but we are adding a sparkly belt and best of all it has pockets ;) hahaa..

go and make the most out of trying on loads of styles.. its so much fun!!

Cheyenne Graves
Cheyenne Graves 11 Jun 2017

Definitely agree that you need to try a variety of styles. Until you try something on you won't know what you like.
I understand your partner has ideas of what will look good but you need to feel comfortable. If you opt for something more modest you'll still look stunning on the day.


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