UKbride Member Request 3 Jan 2022

Work colleagues! Who to invite?!

Hi brides! I have a dilemma! I work closely with about 30 people, but there's only a select few that I'd want to invite to our reception. How do I go about inviting them without getting bitched about or upsetting anyone? I was thinking an email to everyone to see who would want to come, then advising I can only have a certain number and that the selection would be random (obviously it won't be) what do you think??

Naomi Gray
Naomi Gray 4 Jan 2022

I would honestly just send the invitations to the guests you want and can afford there. The ones who are not invited you will just have to say we can only afford to invite so many people and after family and close friends there was only a few slots left so it was a lucky dip x

Jodie Katzer
Jodie Katzer 27 Jun 2022

It is your day, nobody is entitled to be there other than the people that you want there. Weddings are expensive enough so invite who you want and don't give in to peer pressure!


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