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Adding a bridesmaid

Due to our wedding now being postponed by 2 years I am wanting to ask a close friend to whom I have become extremely close too to be my bridesmaid. I’m just wondering if anybody has any tips or knows of any nice ways to do/word this so she does not feel as though I am asking her late in the game compared to my other bridesmaids

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UKbride Member 11 Feb 2021

Just be honest and say how u feel you've both gotten so close recently and would like her to be apart of ur day I don't think it matters when uv asked her 🤷‍♀️

UKbride Member 11 Feb 2021

I got my friend round and started talking about weddings as she is getting married in 2 years time she asked me a while ago to be one of her bridesmaids (we met at my best friends hen do 2 years ago and hit it off) so I asked her to have a look at my bridesmaids dressed as if she wanted to try it on which she did and fit perfectly then asked her while she was wearing it and she happily accepted

UKbride Member 12 Feb 2021

Since the world changed and social distance was the norm,
As friends we became closer, we helped whether this storm
With this in mind, I’d love to say
“Will you be my bridesmaid in my wedding day?”

UKbride Member 18 Feb 2021

I delivered a “Will you be my Bridesmaid box” made up of little goodies!


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