UKbride Member Request 19 Oct 2020

Wedding insurance

May I please ask if anyone has managed to take out a new insurance policy to cover their wedding? Ours isn't until 2022 so hoping it will go ahead with no covid related issues (she says!). However, I can't seem to find an insurer that are selling new policies. I'm reluctant to start purchasing anything without having some protection.

Sarah Partington
Sarah Partington 19 Oct 2020

Even if it wasn’t so difficult to get wedding insurance I wouldn’t be getting it. From what I read it offered no different cover than I get from paying for things on credit card which is what I have been doing.

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

There isnt a company at the mo giving it out. Wouldn't bother though we with the stuff I've read,it doesn't seem worth it x

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

Just try and pay for everything on credit card and ask the sellers what insurance they may have if Covid happens to cancel your wedding

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

Nope - they won’t cover for Covid.

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

I had to postpone due to covid and my insurer moved the date of the insurance as it was within a year- I know that doesn’t help you at present.
my worry is if I have to postpone again - it’s not covid I’m concerned about as I know I may end up having to do just that, it’s the not having protection if the venue or suppliers go bust due to the current climate

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

They may not cover Covid related claims but remember there are other things that can happen that aren’t related to Covid

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

Mine have moved it to my new date but they have said anything to do with covid it won't pay out for. So basically it's useless. They could easily say we'll the venue went bust due to the current climate which is because of covid so we aren't paying out. Save your money and pay on a credit card x

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

Ours from Debenhams covered infectious diseases so has been well worth having it. Not sure they are offering this cover now though.

Chelsea McNeil
Chelsea McNeil 20 Oct 2020

Poster here - I should have clarified, it's not covid I'm worrying about being covered it's everything else, i.e. suppliers etc.

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

I read that they currently have stopped all insurance for weddings at the moment because of covis as I'm in the same boat and cant find any!

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

I too am getting married in 2022 and cannot find any insurance either xx

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

But is there anywhere offering cover just excluding covid? We are getting married next year, and are hoping it will be able to go ahead. But we are still wanting cover incase businesses go bust and we lose deposits/payments!!! Its so annoying that they arent offering it anymore, as it would be nice to have some reassurance for that sort of thing.

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

I've looked into it, they don't cover anything to do with covid!!!

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

Use your credit card to buy and make sure you have a formal contract in place with all your suppliers. That should be enough.

UKbride Member 20 Oct 2020

I managed to get insurance but won't cover covid but covers everything else from a company called cover my wedding

UKbride Member 21 Oct 2020 has some providers. Personally I wouldn't start paying out money without insurance xx

Leanne Ford
Leanne Ford 25 Oct 2020

I’ve been thinking about insurance as well, mainly for suppliers going bust as we don’t get married until 2022 as well.

Deborah Bayley
Deborah Bayley 30 Oct 2020

I had to postpone due to covid and my insurance moved my to the new date

UKbride Member 30 Oct 2020

We unfortunately booked our wedding at the beginning of the week before Covid was announced bad timing. Venue was ok refunded, registra wasn’t refused refund / moving of date. We went to get insurance same week but insurances had already started to stop doing so really bad timing with it all hitting same week as booking.

Abigail Osgood
Abigail Osgood 1 Nov 2020

I've just booked my wedding for April 2022 and cannot get wedding insurance, it has been totally stressing me out but my fiancé says if we pay for everything on credit card we should be covered if the supplier goes out of business/cancels/let's us down. My only worry is not being covered for personal reasons to have to cancel the wedding, you know, if the worst was to happen!!!! But I can't not start to plan and in order to book suppliers they want deposits so it's a risk we have to take. Read up on reviews for all your suppliers, those with decent reviews will most likely be as accommodating as possible. For any postponements you should be okay, if there is a reason to cancel the whole wedding you may lose your deposits so you have to be prepared to part with that money. Good luck x


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