Charley Amphlett
Charley Amphlett 16 Jul 2020

Eloping to South Africa

Has anyone ever eloped to South Africa? My fiancé and I fell in love with Jeffrey’s Bay whilst on a surf trip 3 years ago and would love to have a tiny wedding on the beach with 10 people! Really hoping we can make this possible

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

Reach out to these guys, this is who we used to elope
In Iceland, they travel all over the world

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

Lol why is someone angry at this post? Dont you like people eloping to Africa?

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

What a lovely idea! I really hope you get your dream wedding 🙂

UKbride Member 23 Jul 2020

I could heĺp you elope 😻 you can pop me a message and I would love to help. South Africa is my favourite country in the world.

UKbride Member 5 Aug 2020

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