Ciara Sweeney
Ciara Sweeney 12 Jul 2020


Hi everyone I'm wanting to get married in Cyprus has anybody done this and if so can you recommend who to book with? There's so many companies but don't know who to trust! TIA

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Hey, I’m getting married with Cyprus Dream Weddings. And they are absolutely fantastic!! Our wedding isn’t until 2022 and our personal wedding planner Sandra has given us so much support and even emailed over ideas etc. our package was £5999 which were paying in monthly instalments so when I come to go dress shopping etc it will mostly be paid for. If you want any more info feel free to PM me💞

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

We got married in Cyprus in 2017. I know it’s a little bit harder and longer but I’d recommend talking to hotels and vendors etc directly rather than a package company, you’ll get better prices and better service, plus a lot of package companies we looked at had a list of providers and vendors and we found they didn’t necessarily have what we wanted.
We had family that could help us with communication but most companies will speak English. We booked our hotel for the wedding/reception/honeymoon and they gave us a list of companies they’ve used and trust and we went from there, contacting them ourselves to arrange what we wanted ☺️ xx

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Do as much research as possible. Look at lots of different companies, the venues, prices and what you get with your package. We went with Cyprus dream weddings and they have been fantastic x

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Katie Jones maybe worth a follow of this post x

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Tsokkos vip brides on fb, I’m booked to get married next June in Cyprus and they have been amazing, you only pay £200 deposit and then pay the rest when you get there, they will sort everything for you x


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