Shan Lou
Shan Lou 8 Jul 2020


So after not being able to get married on our date in Australia, we’ve been able to book a small wedding here! We’re giving notice on Friday. I’m an Aussie so our application has to go to the home office. Has anyone ever had experience with the home office in terms of marriage? Did you have to wait 28 or 70 days?

UKbride Member 9 Jul 2020

My wife is from the Philippines we waited more like 28, definitely not 70!

UKbride Member 9 Jul 2020

I'm Zimbabwean and only had to wait the month, but was warned we may have to wait longer. I have been a resident for 10years though so not sure if that helped!

UKbride Member 12 Jul 2020

I'm American and I've done a lot with the Home Office! You better check the site iPad friends immigrate to Australia and it's much more lenient than here. I hate the burst your bubble but it's generally a three-month wait! and I've been definitely Warren don't get married on a tourist visa because they will support you and allow you to get a new visa. I was married to a British citizen and we made that mistake and we ended up having to go back to the States and still had a live separate for 3 months to process or respected visas, even though we got married in the States. Right now because of the pandemic there is some leeway because they realise people are, but with that said there was a US such as myself that I've been stuck between visas because of the pandemic they are going to be so backlogged with our visas that we put in months ago. for example I had a 31st of May deadline to get my stuff started and I still haven't heard anything. There is always assumption that if you're married that your visa is ok and trust me it's not! I'm going through this process again and it's very difficult and you really have to be a rocket scientist understand half of the rules. I'm not saying this to burst your bubble but I'm saying this with love because I know how gut-wrenching all the stuff is.... Australia like the US or not coming one of the EU you so there is a whole different set of rules from somebody that say in those categories it's a little bit easier. I just did my life in the UK test which I scheduled months ago and it was so hard but I passed. Currently a partnership visa is only £95 so that's not as expensive as the thousands I paid for mine but I'm just warning you home office hasn't been open but will starting this week at the leave. Check that government site and you might have to get an immigration solicitor. they've allowed us to extend our visas so I hope you did that but those were just automatic to the 31st of July and that's coming up.... I know my stuff won't be processed by then. If you haven't already done so make sure you extend your visa unless you have one that still valid but you will need to change visas because you're getting married.


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