UKbride Member Request 19 Jun 2020

maternity wedding dress

looking to see if anyone has tips on finding a maternity wedding dress?

UKbride Member 22 Jun 2020

I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and was due to get married this Friday! I had a nightmare with actual maternity wedding dresses, found them all to be really unflattering. Look for a regular dress in a larger size which is fitted under the bust and then drops straight down, like a chiffon skirt. I got one at Wed2B in a size 18 which was so so flattering. Gutted I won’t get to wear it now as I won’t be pregnant anymore when our wedding finally comes around!

UKbride Member 22 Jun 2020

A lot of maternity dresses aren’t flattering. I would suggest getting a standard dress you love in a bigger size and asking a seamstress to tailor it to your shape. Quite a few dress shops also offer fittings, so would be worth looking into and asking around about what can be done/ best person to fit it to you 🙂

UKbride Member 24 Jun 2020

I found out I was pregnant after buying my dress almost a year earlier 🤣 the seamstress was amazing, and made my form-fitting Belle and Bunty Ophelia dress into a stunning maternity-friendly dress with fabric removed from the bottom of the dress. It may be that you could buy a free-flowing dress and have it altered. If you don't have time though, I think Seraphine and ASOS have branched into maternity.

Can PM you a photo of my dress if you need it. Xx


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