Kelly Gill
Kelly Gill 26 May 2020

Diy silk bouquet

Are any of you making / have made your own wedding bouquet and floral arrangements from silk flowers? If so may I see them and where is the best place to get realistic Silk flowers from?

UKbride Member 26 May 2020

Surprisingly Wilko is good for faux flowers

UKbride Member 26 May 2020

Mine were made by the lovely Janes vintage flowers. She has a page on Facebook.

UKbride Member 26 May 2020

I ordered all of my artificial flowers off eBay and made all the bouquets and buttonholes. All the flowers I ordered were fantastic, looked just like the pictures and looked lovely in person. Off different sellers too.

UKbride Member 26 May 2020

I'm opting for dried flowers! Buying the specific flowers I want from ebay for the same price (sometimes cheaper) as artificial

UKbride Member 27 May 2020

I made mine with a mix of silk and foam flowers all from eBay

UKbride Member 27 May 2020

Love all of these bouquets. They are fantastic! Thank you all xx


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