UKbride Member Request 17 Mar 2020

Hi! I get married in august 2020 and although a few months away this...

Hi! I get married in august 2020 and although a few months away this coronavirus sounds like it isnt going away anytime soon! I havent been able to take out any wedding insurance,my contract with the venue only states if we were to cancel how much money we would get back. Im hoping it wont need to be cancelled,but my question is,without wedding insurance would a venue have to offer you to reschedule? I wouldnt want a refund,id just want to reschedule if it came to the worse? The contract states nothing about if the venue couldnt open for whatever reason,and the venue themselves obviously havent dealt with this situation before.

Marie Jackson
Marie Jackson 17 Mar 2020

Ours is booked in June. We already had to postpone it from last year for fiance to have chemo. Daughter was gutted then. I'll be gutted if we have to do it again & tell my girls they won't be bridesmaids again!!!!!

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 19 Mar 2020

I would ring and ask the venue they will support you as much as they can at the minute nobody knows what is going on x i havent taken out wedding insurance either luckily I've only paid £500 towards the venue so far and they are business as usual but have taken a back up date incase x


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