Lynn Evans
Lynn Evans 30 Jan 2020

Dress Shopping

I wonder if I could pick some brains, please? I'm getting married next August (can't wait) but really dreading the whole wedding dress shopping experience. My mum passed away 13 years ago and after doing it all with my daughter for her wedding, it feels like it would be a bit of a let down. My Aunties have said they're happy to come with me as have my sisters in law so it's not like I have to do it on my own. I've seen a dress I really like online and am thinking of just getting that. Has anyone else been here and what did/ would you do?

Jenna Brown
Jenna Brown 30 Jan 2020

I lost my mum 18 months before I went dress shopping and I took my nan (mums mum) and my MOH. It was emotional and I had a good cry before I went but I am so glad I did as what I thought would look good didn't. I wore my mum's wedding ring she left me so she was with me too. But ultimately do what feels right x


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