Robyn Birchall
Robyn Birchall 5 Nov 2019

Does anybody know about Jobi-J Photography?

Has anybody used Jobi-J Photography for their wedding photos in the last couple of months? We got married in mid July this year, and had her do the photographs. She turned up on the day and was very professional - but since then we have not heard a peep from her. We have tried calling, emailing, and contacting her on all social media, but no luck. Has anybody else had a similar experience or had her for their wedding since July? We are yet to see even a single one of our wedding photos!

Michaela Sharp
Michaela Sharp 16 Nov 2019

I would be extremely worried especially as she's not even replied to say your photos are not ready yet. Has she been active on social media?

Robyn Birchall
Robyn Birchall 28 Nov 2019

No, she seems to have stopped using social media since the beginning of the summer, a few months before our wedding. I have found two other people who have had similar experiences with her this summer; one who eventually received a USB through the post with the photos, and one who still hasn’t had anything - like us.

We are thinking of consulting a lawyer to see what we can do, because we’re feeling a bit helpless at the moment!


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