Sharika Wells
Sharika Wells 30 Sep 2019

Cheap wedding halls near islington

Hi there. I am having a small registry wedding in islington but I need to look for a hall to hire around those sides as cheaply as possible. Can be small as only 40 people will be coming. Any ideas please? X

Gabriella Kerr-Gordon
Gabriella Kerr-Gordon 1 Oct 2019

Check the council assembly halls like Islington and Walthamstow as they are generally quite reasonable

Cynthia Veenstra
Cynthia Veenstra 1 Oct 2019

Our venue is a local pub! Most of the time they don’t charge any hire fees, you only pay for the food.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Oct 2019

Try Clissold House if you're willing to consider Hackney


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