Kelly Gill
Kelly Gill 4 Sep 2019

Venue deposit

I'm not sure if this is something anyone can answer as it's a money related question but How much deposit did you pay upfront to secure your venue? I'm wanting to get married at Mythe Barn in Atherstone if anyone has booked there I'd love more info x

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Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 5 Sep 2019

i would suggest emailing them to get a better idea of the deposit etc. also check for different times in the year if you wanted to keep costs down. My venue in June would cost around £6000 but we've booked for march and are paying less than half of that. we had to pay £500 deposit.

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 Sep 2019

My venue hire was £500 and my dad payed the full £500 at time of booking we have to pay for for the food and decor separately x


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