Kelly Gill
Kelly Gill 2 Sep 2019

Awkward family matters

Bit of a strange question. Not sure if anyone else has been in this situation. My fiance doesn't speak to his family not even his parents, long story... So our wedding will be quite one sided with my lot! Is there anything anyone can suggest I can do to not have everyone else question why my fiance doesn't have any family there? I don't want everything dragged up on our day, if that makes sense. Thank you x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 13 Sep 2019

Avoid a package with a table plan - we do them at the venue I work for - have the ceremony with "pick a seat not a side"

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Sep 2019

I had something similar at my wedding during the ceremony we had everyone pick a side not a seat during our meal I mixed everyone up so there was a mixture of family’s on each table xx

Gemma Ireland
Gemma Ireland 15 Sep 2019

I having no table plan at mine as I don't have many of my family coming but lots and his side mix it up and tell people not to pick a side just a seat your all family anyway x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Sep 2019

There are any number of reasons why one partner might not have family attending the wedding, bereavement being the most obvious. I can't imagine who would attend a wedding as a guest and start asking personal questions about that!
If your fiance has close friends, consider making up the numbers on his side that way. If you find that the 'top table' layout doesn't work with that, you could just have the two of you on a 'sweetheart' table, or just dispense with the 'top table' idea altogether and just slot yourselves in on a regular table with the people who are most important to you :)


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